Why Does North America Need Trucking?

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Why Does North America Need Trucking?

In the vast expanse of North America, where rugged terrains, sprawling cities, and diverse industries define the landscape, one unyielding force stands as the lifeline that connects us all: trucking.
From coast to coast, and from bustling urban centers to remote rural communities, the wheels of the mighty trucks keep turning, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of goods that sustains our economies and fuels our everyday lives.
Join us on a journey as we delve into the indispensable role of trucking in North America, unraveling the unseen threads that tie our continent together and uncovering the irrefutable reasons why trucking is the beating heart of our thriving nations.  
Why is trucking so important? What would happen without it? In this blog, we explore the answers to these questions and shed light on why North America needs trucking.

Efficiency of Trucking

While planes and trains transport tons of freight, trucks are needed for their efficiency. At least until someone figures out a way to transport a loaf of bread to your local Safeway by plane, or train.
The smooth functioning of our fast-paced world relies on the seamless transfer of goods from one place to another. As transportation is vital to almost every industry, trucking forms the backbone of production.
While the sight of a truck on the freeway may not trigger much thought, each of these vehicles plays a critical role in keeping our world running efficiently. In fact, many aspects of our daily lives would not be possible without the hard work of truck drivers.
According to the American Trucking Association, nearly 71% of all freight moved in the U.S. goes on trucks.
When pondering the importance of something, it is essential to evaluate how the world would be affected in its absence. So, let's dive into it!

What Would Happen if Trucking Stopped Operating for 24 Hours?

A mere 24-hour halt in trucking operations would have dire consequences. Hospitals would quickly exhaust their essential supplies, while package delivery services and U.S. mail would come to a standstill. The disruption would also trigger food shortages, causing concerns over availability. Additionally, the dwindling supply of automobile fuel would result in higher prices and long queues at gas stations.
The situation would worsen significantly within 2-3 days if trucking remained suspended. Service stations would completely run out of fuel, leading to widespread scarcity. ATM machines would run out of cash, banks would struggle with transaction processing, and the supply of vital food and water would disappear. To compound the issues, urban and suburban areas would experience mounting piles of garbage.
These scenarios emphasize the critical role of trucks in ensuring the smooth functioning of our daily lives.

What if Trucking Stopped Operating for a Few Weeks?

Without all of the daily supplies being delivered to companies and civilians, most things (and people) would be at a standstill.
Trucks provide 80% of the fuel used by airports in America. If there is no fuel, nothing would be able to move. Planes cannot operate without fuel. This would make it hard for people to travel to work, run errands, or even step out of their homes.
If trucks were to come to a stop for 4 weeks, our country's fresh water supply would be completely depleted. It's important to understand that trucks serve a far greater purpose than just delivering packages - they are crucial to maintaining our modern of life.
Now that you've learned why North America needs trucking, it's time to appreciate the hard work of truck drivers, and the impact that the trucking industry has on our daily lives.
A simple way to do this is to practice safe driving when sharing the road with trucks, and to be patient with truck drivers who are working hard to deliver goods across the country.
Additionally, supporting initiatives that promote sustainability and innovation in the trucking industry can go a long way in ensuring a more efficient and sustainable future for all.
So, let's give trucking the recognition it deserves and take action to support a vibrant and essential industry!

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