Servicing Canada for nearly a decade.

With a robust focus on our people, we have consistently ensured timely deliveries, contributing to the success of businesses across the country.


Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

Our overarching goal is to foster personal growth - inspiring individuals to improve incrementally each day by 1%

We are not in the trucking business; we are in the people business.


Our humble genesis in the oil and gas industry served as the foundation for our growth, reflecting our commitment to perseverance and adaptability.


Dedicated to safety and efficiency, we are proud to announce the successful and secure completion of over 10,000 loads.


Fueling Progress: Oil and Gas Industry

As an Edmonton-based carrier, we gleaned the significance of cultivating robust relationships while hauling in the oil and gas industry.

Recognizing the capricious and cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry, we strategically pivoted towards highway operations.

Continuously better.
1% at a time.

We invest in quality and our people. We are your partner, not just the sole equipment exchange.

Our People

Most carriers are proud of their yards, trucks and trailers.

We are proud of our People.

Our Values

Daily Growth

The singular mission of 1% Logistics Inc. is to grow people and cultivate human potential.

We inspire our team to uncover their potential and evolve into the world's finest problem solvers.

Each member of our team is committed to enhancing their skills by 1% daily, irrespective of the circumstances.

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Continuous Learning

1% Logistics Inc. is always looking to make processes faster, simpler and safer.

Whenever we walk away from something, we should leave it better than we found it.Learning has no finish line.

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Commitment - we are committed to the aggregation of marginal gains.

Ownership - we own our mistakes and push towards a resolution with urgency.

Responsibility - we are responsible for delivering lifestyles to people safely.

Excellence - we believe anything below excellence is unethical.

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Delivering across the country.