Flatbed Transportation

Securing the Load: Tactics Used by Flatbed Drivers to Prevent Cargo from Shifting

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Ensuring the securement of flatbed cargo is crucial for averting accidents and undesirable situations on the road. Undesirable situations may encompass incidents such as lost cargo, collisions, or bodily harm. It's widely known that numerous catastrophic failures, some resulting in fatalities, have occurred due to inadequately secured loads.

Securing Cargo Loads to Your Trailer

While flatbeds excel in transporting specialized and irregularly shaped freight, the task of securing loads on them can pose challenges. Unlike other truck types, flatbeds lack sides or tops that could aid in securing cargo in place. Consequently, flatbed drivers must rely on proper training and tools to ensure secure freight. At 1% Logistics Inc., we prioritize training all flatbed drivers extensively to secure a diverse range of loads safely. It's considered an intricate skill to guarantee that cargo remains stably positioned on the flatbed during transportation, emphasizing our commitment to driver safety.
The risk of unsecured cargo is significantly heightened on flatbeds. With no containment structure, poorly secured cargo on a flatbed has only one direction – off onto the road. Whether it leads to lost cargo or endangers other motorists, the consequences are undesirable for all drivers involved.
1% Logistics Inc. drivers require a variety of tools to effectively secure freight on a flatbed trailer, including:
  • Cables
  • Winches
  • Webbing Straps
  • Chains
  • Load Binders
Choosing the appropriate tool for the specific type of freight being transported is essential. For instance, while webbing straps may suffice for many items, heavier objects necessitate the use of chains. Moreover, when employing chains to secure cargo, it's imperative to utilize load binders for proper tightening. Manual efforts alone are insufficient to ensure load security. At 1% Logistics Inc., our drivers employ load binders and winches to meticulously tighten and secure loads for safe transportation.

Prevent Cargo Shifting

When your cargo is properly secured, there's likely little cause for concern. Nevertheless, 1% Logistics Inc. drivers consistently perform routine load checks during their journeys because the motion of the road can induce shifts in anything on the flatbed trailer.
While this motion might result in damage to certain cargo, the primary concern is how it can adversely affect your driving experience. The lateral force from shifting cargo has the potential to make turns hazardous, even leading to the risk of tipping over.

Effective Load Distribution

The distribution of weight plays a crucial role in transporting cargo on flatbed trucks. Weigh stations scrutinize the weight load on each axle as well as the overall weight. If there is an imbalance in the weight load, it may indicate improper loading. Inadequate loading of your flatbed truck contributes to increased wear and tear, resulting in elevated maintenance expenses.

Ensure Safe Loading and Unloading Procedures

The open design of flatbed trailers without sides or tops provides convenience for loading and unloading cargo. However, this absence of sides can also pose a potential disadvantage. Prioritizing safety is paramount. Preparing the flatbed truck for loading and unloading inherently carries risks, with a significant potential for drivers to fall and sustain injuries. The most effective preventive measure is the use of a secure ladder while consistently adhering to the training provided by 1% Logistics Inc.

5 Key Steps for Flatbed Drivers to Ensure Safe Load Securement

#1 Verify your specifications and distribute cargo evenly across the flatbed trailer
#2 Choose the appropriate tiedown equipment, strategize cargo placement, and secure the load
#3 Exercise necessary precautions when working in proximity to the flatbed trailer
#4 Acquire tarps if necessary and ensure their proper and secure placement
#5 Adhere to all training guidelines provided by 1% Logistics Inc.

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